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Hades's News

Posted by Hades - January 10th, 2011

Have a song to fix up your crappiest day of the week.

Also, Monday, we hate you. Get out of our weekly schedule already. Asshole.

Monday being sucky again?

Posted by Hades - June 23rd, 2010

Hit 150 fans today! That's, like, waaay more than 149 fans.

Also, hai people who don't hate me for temporarily not being active on the site.

150 Fans!

Posted by Hades - December 12th, 2009

The new intense battle theme for you guys to use as a soundtrack for your aggressive in-game outbursts is out.


New Battle Theme is out!

Posted by Hades - October 2nd, 2009

Not really, but I am back from my month and a half of absence from the Internet. My college finals have really proven to be an extremely time-consuming obligations, but with some sacrifice, they're finally out of the way! Meaning I can finally get my hands on some creative work. Hopefully you guys will see some of that in the soon future. Keeping my fingers crossed for inspiration to rear it's ugly head.

And yes. Inspiration's head can be friggin' ugly.

Back from the Future!

Posted by Hades - July 11th, 2009

100 Fans
As of today, 100 people have added me to their favorite artists list, and DAMN, does saying that feel good!!!

All of you people out there who have supported my work by either reviews, votes, favoriting or pretty much anything else: THANK YOU. Seriously, folks, your constant appreciation of my work here on NG really means a lot to me. Thanks a lot!

Other things...
College has really been bringin' me down lately... Still have a week left, with three final exams to pass. Hopefully, I'll get rid of those obligations and finally get some time for a bit of creative work! It's pretty damn obvious I haven't been submitting a lot lately, but there are other reasons for that, too. To be more specific, I've been working (and still am) on about three projects that are due within a month from now, and I seriously couldn't find a lot more time to write anything else. Let's hope that'll change soon.

Also, for people who don't know about it, MyBrute is a free on-line game I've been playing lately. If any one of you has five minutes to spare, I'd seriously suggest checking it out. It's a nice little gadget that doesn't require a lot of dedication or time, so it's pretty cool.

So, if someone feels like trying it, give my character a nudge, and enjoy the brawling!

100 Fans!

Posted by Hades - May 26th, 2009

NG Beer 'n' Ale Club
Feel as though the people around you don't appreciate beer enough? Your fancy friends believe wine to be the king of all alcoholic beverages? Well, join the recently formed NG Beer 'n' Ale Club and find even MORE arguments to prove them wrong!

- enjoy discussion about different types of beer
- find some new, sexy beers to try out at your local pub
- post your favorite beers for others to drool after
- and much, much more!

My Brute
Well, I found out about this site a tad too late, but I find it pretty amusing! Kinda like a random-happening turn-based RPG, with a whole lot of variety! It's really pretty fun, and the best thing is, it doesn't require money or a lot of time!

So yeah, hit my character up and give it a try!

Beer 'n' Ale Club / My Brute

Posted by Hades - May 3rd, 2009

Username Change
Wow, to my complete amazement, within 24 hours of my request, my username was changed!!!

I simply removed the numbers from the ending of the name, but I still think it's quite a big difference. Thanks a lot, Tom!

Name Changed

Posted by Hades - March 18th, 2009

Passed the 50!!!
Well, I must admit that probably no-one is happier than I am at the moment, due to the fact that I currently have more than 50 fans of my work in the Audio Portal! Also, my songs were favorited over 230 times, all in all!

Hey, it might not seem to be a lot to many of you out there, but I'm sure that any fellow NGAPortal artist will agree that this isn't bad at all, seeing that my first song was submitted less than a year ago. ;D

I'd like to take the chance to thank any and all of you that have added me to their favorite artist list, favorited, reviewed, and downloaded (or at least listened to XD) my songs and generally shown any sort of support for my creative work!!! Seriously, guys, it really means a lot!

New projects on the way...
Even though I have been slacking quite a lot lately, I do actually have a few projects that are (seemingly) nearing completion! They don't exactly have names yet, but the working titles are here:

1.) Boss Battle Theme WIP (around 80% done)
- in similar style to my most popular song so far, Judgement Day

2.) Schizo WIP (around 90% done)
- a sorta happy random song; started making it as a way of depicting a schizophreniac's brain on a good day, so it contains a lot of different instruments and genres

3) Cool jazz WIP (around 40% done)
- started making this one a while ago, but just decided to get to work on it lately; hopefully, it'll see the light of day soon, as I'm really eager to hear comments from some talented people out there...

4.) Happy Electro WIP (around 20% done)
- another one in the list of my genre-experiments; it's kinda fun to work on it 'cause I'm not exactly used to writing this sort of music, so we'll see how it turns out

5.) A ton of other projects stopped around 10%-ish XD

So: I hope that I'll finish at least one of these in the soon future, seeing that getting feedback on my work is basically what drives me to create more!

Passed the 50 / New projects

Posted by Hades - January 12th, 2009

I want to take you to it.

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Posted by Hades - January 6th, 2009