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Beer 'n' Ale Club / My Brute

Posted by Hades - May 26th, 2009

NG Beer 'n' Ale Club
Feel as though the people around you don't appreciate beer enough? Your fancy friends believe wine to be the king of all alcoholic beverages? Well, join the recently formed NG Beer 'n' Ale Club and find even MORE arguments to prove them wrong!

- enjoy discussion about different types of beer
- find some new, sexy beers to try out at your local pub
- post your favorite beers for others to drool after
- and much, much more!

My Brute
Well, I found out about this site a tad too late, but I find it pretty amusing! Kinda like a random-happening turn-based RPG, with a whole lot of variety! It's really pretty fun, and the best thing is, it doesn't require money or a lot of time!

So yeah, hit my character up and give it a try!

Beer 'n' Ale Club / My Brute

Comments (22)

I can ROCK into Mordor if I want to...

But obviously not as simply as you think.

yeah, true

Of course it is, Guitaromir says so.

Rock Teh Mordorz =)

Adn All Teh Middul Urfz!!!

ok poslusao sam tvoje stvari izgleda da si peta na top listi sa svima!

Peti, molim lijepo, da ne bi bilo. ;D

wow a beer club! this is the single greatest day of my life *tears of joy*

oh and i can speak funny too: suiy nserd kodf hisfd!

Nice to see it made you happy. XD

I guess Gorzahg has nver seen Croatian, has he? but then again, I can't read it any way.......(did i get the language name right?)

Yup, you got it right. ;D I can't really blame him, it's not exactly the most wide-spread language in the world.

Now I wanna learn it...

Nah, you don't. If you're from any non-Slavic language speaking country, it would probably take you years just to figure out how the language works. I prefer simpler languages, which is why English owns. :3

o da sori ups

Ma sve OK. ;D

How about deh Japanese?

OK, that's a tough one. :P As I understand it, if you studied Japanese for 10 years you would probably be able to order drinks at a bar. XD Not really, but almost.

poslusao sam tvoje stvari i vidim da ima%u0161 pun kurac talenta.volio bih da mi kompoziras temsku pjesmu (rok n roll ok?) za moju prvu igru top gun :D

Rado, ali to nazalost nece biti izvedivo u sljedecih godinu dana ili tako nesto, jer imam pun kurac previse projekata na kojima radim. :P

It's easy if ur Sauron or have the one ring.

Well, I don't really think either of those things can be considered "simple". XD

ej gle sad ak napravis jednu dobru stvar mogo bi bit cetvrti!a ak ne onda pa onda 5.

Jebiga, fakat necu imati vremena nizasto, a volim povremeno i napraviti koju stvar sebi za dusu i to.

o okej! al sam da znas ne biram jas tko ce biti na listi noego korisnica NG-a

people plz check out ma game it is called avatar dress up!

lolz.... osam piva tri djus votke i nisam se napio.....REKORD....(uz malu pomoc ustipaka i lucnice) =)


yo mayn wasup homie g dawg u sem lyke a kool gangstah d00d im just chillixin lyke a g shud in his hood cuz im lik pow pow and im g like pimpin fo' realz if u know wat im sayn so ye ima g cuz i got lotas $$$ n gunzs n im a home bro dawg so ye dont mes w me cxuz i gona mess u if u do lol other thn dat pce out g man xD


You working on your next project yet? If so, then I can't wait

LOL Awesome pic, I'd love to use it as wallpaper :D

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