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Another great episode!

Really good episode, the random humor was perfect, as always. I really laughed after seeing the bunny from Walk In the Woods fly by in the background, I think it was a cool addition. Nothing special to comment, really- your animation is always excellent, and so is the plot and voice-acting. Great work, looking forward to more of your submissions!


Not exactly a flash movie, more of a talking Jesus. But hey, if that makes you happy, good for you. Good luck with the awards.

Heil responds:

"The Battle goes on!"
submission: We Fucking Win
date: July 6, 2008

Allways happy to respond to the call of justice.

Fast and funny

Good short movie collection, I really had a laugh. They were pretty good when it comes to animation, too. So, the bottom line is - good, random humor, nice animation, and quite decent voice acting! Well done!

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Great game!

Wow, you really managed to create a horror flash game and make it scary! Usually such submissions are never really worked to the end, but you really gave your best- the creepy string/voice background audio, excellent graphics, unexpected turns of events (hell, I almost had a heart attack when the first one took her axe out! XD)... This game reminded me a bit of the SIlent Hill series, and when it comes to horror games, that comparison can only be a good thing. The game-play was excellent and very fluent, the atmosphere was incredibly creepy, and the music and sounds rounded it all up to make it even better!

Great work, I have no doubts about this one making the frontpage!

Great job!

Really great game, even better than the first two parts, love your sense of humor, game concept and the great level design. If I had to object to something, it would be your choice of secret character- you could have put in a way better secret than Mel Gibson, but otherwise, it was brilliant! ;D

Great work, keep on making excellent games!

Loved it!

Really great stuff! Something between Frogger and a shoot-em-up! Really liked the gameplay, it was extremely fun.

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Bopping around

Damn, I've been slow the entire day, but I have to admit that this one really brought me up! I'm not usually a large fan of dance music, but this one is just so oozing with happy that I can't even try not to like it.

As I'm not really knowledgeable when it comes to this genre, I can only say a couple of things: I really liked the exchange between the softer parts that served as build-up, as well as the bouncing bass parts they led up to. The synths didn't really sound as something extremely original to me, but they fit the song perfectly and rounded the feeling of it rather nicely, so I couldn't really care less. Both the main melody and the fills were really satisfying in their place, and I wouldn't change absolutely anything about them.

The picked sound you mentioned was really nice, actually - it has that nice celtic harp-ish feel that I could often use in many of my songs. It also added a nice finale that differed a bit from the standard evolution of the song up to that point, which is always a welcome addition.

As I said, really liked this one; favorited and showered with all the numbers dividable by 5 I could get my hands on.

Mich responds:

I'm glad the song Enriched your mood ;-)

As I recall, I've put quite some time in making those transitions work, so I'm glad it's appreciated.
Synths not sounding very original: you're right about that. The song was originally intended to be fairly generic sounding, so it would sell better(for that album). I've committed to delivering good production though, and I hope that can be heard. :p

I'm glad you enjoy the melodies; I was happy to manage to write them, I've always seen it as one of my weaker points in music.

It frustrates me that I can't think of the name of the VSTi. I'm glad you liked it though. I believe it was a free plugin, I'll PM you the name and perhaps a link when I can remember.

Thanks for the review and the appreciation! I'm happy. :3


Very nice tune you have here. It has that slowly uplifting feel that reminds me slightly of Vangelis' work, which I believe can only be a good thing as far as songs like this go. The name you picked also works very well with the style, and I can easily see this song used in a scene of first flight of any sort.

The sounds you used fit the powerful rythm and mood of the song perfectly - the short strings along with the piano are the main driving force behind the feeling of this song, and the drums only added to that powerful build-up.

In my view, it has the right amount of epicness and that "mighty" feel to enable it to stand as is, without any additions. As for expanding on the song, I'd suggest a soft synth string intro that would blend into the beginning of the current version to accentuate the crescendo of the song that you've accomplished so far.

Very nice piece of work, can't wait to see what the final version will look like!

Ooooh, atmospheric!

I love the slow, ambient feel on this one. As an avid pen and paper geek, I can already imagine the use of this song as background music in a dozen different scenarios - it has that simple yet interesting and versatile flow that is really welcome in any ambient song, at least in my view.

The general mood of the songs somehow invokes the picture of a frozen-over cavern with waterfalls held still by the ice, as though the entire song is merely an echo in a large enclosed space stopped by the frost.

The combo of the slow reverbed pads and the occasional guitar and bell melodies creates a soothing feel that just has to leave a sense of peace in the listener. The resonating keeps the entire set very calm, while leaving enough room for variation not to make it boring. Extremely relaxing and mellow. A song to fall asleep to, but in the good way. The best way possible, actually.

All in all, an excellent piece, and definitely a welcome addition to any chill out soundtrack I could think of. Nice work on all of your accounts! ;)

Mich responds:

I definitely agree with the peaceful feeling.

I honestly don't know what else to say, thanks you for the nice review, and I (we) am (are) glad you enjoy the piece. :)

I write music. You listen to music. What a strange coincidence, isn't it?

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