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I write music. You listen to music. What a strange coincidence, isn't it?

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Comments (37)

ooh,kay,Someone has a lot of time on her hands!

Hehe, I wouldn't exactly say 'a lot', but yeah. XD

Lol nice picture

Yeah, it does shine a whole new light on the game, doesn't it? ;D

lol si ti hrvat?

Upravo tako. ;D Ali ako lokalni Ameri pitaju, Hrvatica sam. Malo zajebancije na ParagonX9-ov racun. XD

lolz....can't wait(i didn't actually read it)...... ^^

Lazy-ass. :P Just kidding, can't really blame you. I never actually read the long ones. XD

i did once...ended up throwing up in the bathroom....btw why don't we speak Croatian?

Meh, I always kinda thought that it would be kinda jackass-ey to the other folks. I guess it's a professional deformation from the whole BBS thing.

I can hardly wait until your music is done. I love it so much!

Thanks for the support, man. ;D Hopefully, I'll get out of "Lazy" mode soon enough and kick out some new stuff.

Happy Electro WIP.. needs to be finished immediately.

Sir, yes sir! ;D

How about them songs that I requested, how they going.

In progress, one's just about half-done, the other is still in the idea phase! Didn't really think I needed to mention them with the full-length songs, though. :P

Good for You!! thanks for the encouragement by the way.

No prob, dude, showing some support to your fellow artists can never hurt. ;D Thanks!

Awesome pic haha, pretty much sums up one of the more common FF hero personalities used lol.

Yeah, it's widely known that Squall is actually a Level 99 Woman Abuser. ;D

ajmo vatreniiiii...did i just say dat???...... im weird ....SOCKS!!

Carape za sve! ZIVJELE CARAPE!!!

good going:D

Thanks! ;D

it's about time, your great!

Hehe, thanks. ;D

Nice nice, I'm at a nice 60 myself atm ^_^

Oh and just wondering, what language is that in some fo your comments?

Hehe, I've actually built up a decent 59 since this was posted. Just waiting for that one to round it all up. ;D

And the language is Croatian. I doubt you'd find it on any internet translators. XD

Passing the 50 mark feels awesome, I'm waiting to pass the 100 but it will probably take a few months :P

I'm actually at 61, as of today! :D Waiting to pass the 100? How many do you have, anyway? ;)



Thats more than I have. You did it in less time too. :P

Meh, I believe I just got lucky. It can happen at any time. ;)

Well, They Are Pretty Fucking Awsome, Cant Blame People For Fannicating You ;D

Hehe, thanks a lot for the compliment. ;D

Hm, I don't usually go into the Audio Portal.. but I'll check out some of your stuff right now. :)

Thanks, dude! Hope you like some of the stuff you hear! ;D

Lol, Aslong As You Know its Good Then theres No Problem :D

I guess so. XD

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