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Great game!

Wow, you really managed to create a horror flash game and make it scary! Usually such submissions are never really worked to the end, but you really gave your best- the creepy string/voice background audio, excellent graphics, unexpected turns of events (hell, I almost had a heart attack when the first one took her axe out! XD)... This game reminded me a bit of the SIlent Hill series, and when it comes to horror games, that comparison can only be a good thing. The game-play was excellent and very fluent, the atmosphere was incredibly creepy, and the music and sounds rounded it all up to make it even better!

Great work, I have no doubts about this one making the frontpage!

Great job!

Really great game, even better than the first two parts, love your sense of humor, game concept and the great level design. If I had to object to something, it would be your choice of secret character- you could have put in a way better secret than Mel Gibson, but otherwise, it was brilliant! ;D

Great work, keep on making excellent games!

Loved it!

Really great stuff! Something between Frogger and a shoot-em-up! Really liked the gameplay, it was extremely fun.

Front page guaranteed!

Congratulations, this game is excellent! It's really amusing, I'm 100% sure it'll make the Front Page!

Good work!

Really fun platformer

This is a very well-made side scroller with nice graphics and music! I really liked the little bouncer, it was very fun to play.

When it comes to improvements, i would suggest adding some sort of power-ups, for example a shooter that is needed to pass certain obstacles.

Nice work, you just could get front page for this one!

Fantasy epic!

Very cool game, really liked the idea of constantly shifting elemental properties in order of gaining bonuses, I believe it is quite an original concept. The story is also interesting, which makes it more than the games with descriptions such as 'You are a warrior, kill them all!' XD

It ran very smoothly, and kept me occupied for a decent amount of time. The audio background was well chosen and fits perfectly with the theme of the game.

All in all- this is a very good game which has potential to be a front page entry! Well done!

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