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Another great episode!

Really good episode, the random humor was perfect, as always. I really laughed after seeing the bunny from Walk In the Woods fly by in the background, I think it was a cool addition. Nothing special to comment, really- your animation is always excellent, and so is the plot and voice-acting. Great work, looking forward to more of your submissions!


Not exactly a flash movie, more of a talking Jesus. But hey, if that makes you happy, good for you. Good luck with the awards.

Heil responds:

"The Battle goes on!"
submission: We Fucking Win
date: July 6, 2008

Allways happy to respond to the call of justice.

Fast and funny

Good short movie collection, I really had a laugh. They were pretty good when it comes to animation, too. So, the bottom line is - good, random humor, nice animation, and quite decent voice acting! Well done!

Another awesome Awesome movie!

You really made another great movie, I had a really good laugh out of it. The animation and sounds were great - as always. I also found the easter egg funny and unexpected. Really liked the idea of the ninja pwning the Strategy guide. XD

What more is there to say? Congratulations, you are still a genius! WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!

Not bad

This is one of the better 'first submissions' I've seen recently. It was an ok movie, for a first submission, but there is obviously a lot of ground for improvement.

If you're looking to make your animations better, I would suggest starting small, like adding backgrounds, then making slightly more detailed characters, individual sounds, and then (after some time) checking out some of the drawing tutorials on the Portal. You could be really good if you put more effort into it.

Good work.

KI1 responds:

Thanks, yea I have to admit that artwork was pretty messy and the animations will get better trust me, also I will eventually start adding backgrounds. Thanks for your help.


It was a really funny movie, it was refreshing to see a movie that uses humor without gallons of blood flying around! I didn't see the end coming, it was completely unexpected. The animation was absolutely great, you are really talented! Good work!

Showdown!!! XD

Very cool concept, at first I thought it was going to be a copy of 'Star Wars Gangsta Rap', but this was brilliant! I really liked it, it was one of the funniest flash movies I've seen recently, even though I'm not exactly a fan of rap!

Well done, and keep on free-stylin'! XD


Loved it, great animation and choice of music! Besides, i find the idea of cute bunnies annihilating each others surprisingly amusing. :D Excellent work!

Epileptic, yet fun

Great work, but a slight decrease of the flashing lights wouldn't do any harm. :D

I write music. You listen to music. What a strange coincidence, isn't it?

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